Semantic constraints on multiple case marking in Korean [chapter]

Byong-Rae Ryu
2021 Meaning and Grammar of Nouns and Verbs  
This paper presents a rst attempt to o er a comprehensive typology of the pairs of identical-case marked NPs in Korean. On the basis of such semantic relations between two consecutive NPs like meronymic relation, inclusion relation, quantity-quality relation, spatio-temporal relation, and predication relation, we identify 16 types of these pairs, and propose each type as a licensing condition on double case marking. We argue that the multiple case marking constructions are merely the sequences
more » ... rely the sequences of double case marking, which are formed by dextrosinistrally sequencing the pairs of the same-case marked NPs of same or di erent type. Some appealing consequences of this proposal include a new comprehensive classi cation of the sequences of same-case NPs and a straightforward account of some long standing problems such as how the additional same-case NPs are licensed, and in what respects the multiple nominative marking and the multiple accusative marking are alike and di erent from each other.
doi:10.1515/9783110720075-005 fatcat:ogmvpjwxjfbyljlybcm63gqfsa