Contribution of Face and Core Layers to Lateral Load Resistance of Single-Shear Metal-to-Particleboard Single-Screw Connections

Yan Wang, Jilei Zhang
2018 BioResources  
The lateral load-slip behavior of a single-shear metal-to-particleboard single-screw connection (SMPSC) was investigated. The connection consisted of a layered particleboard main member fastened to a metal plate as a side member using a 4.8-mm diameter sheet metal screw. A mechanics-based approach was used to evaluate critical factors on the lateral load resistance performance of SMPSCs. Experimental results indicated that ultimate screw-bearing strengths in face and core layers of evaluated
more » ... ers of evaluated particleboard materials were 100.0 and 29.9 MPa, respectively. This significant difference of screw-bearing strength in material layers significantly affected the lateral resistance load capacity of SMPSCs. The proposed mechanical models considering material layer effects on screwbearing strengths were verified experimentally as a valid means for deriving estimation equations of lateral resistance loads of SMPSCs evaluated in this study.
doi:10.15376/biores.13.4.8911-8929 fatcat:ufoyohra6vbwdam7rgns77fsdq