Mechanical imperfections effect on the minimum volume stability limit of liquid bridges

M. Gómez, I. E. Parra, J. M. Perales
2002 Physics of Fluids  
The bifurcation to unstable equilibrium shapes in the neighborhood of the minimum volume stability limit of liquid bridges has been described by using the Lyapunov-Schmidt technique. Prior to the bifurcation analysis, the stability limits of axisymmetric liquid bridges (both that of maximum and that of minimum volume) have been analytically calculated when the liquid bridge supports are two circular, coaxial disks. The interface shapes have been parametrically described and the parameters
more » ... ponding to the marginally stable shapes have been determined in terms of elliptic variables. Bifurcation equations have been obtained analytically describing the behavior near the critical points previously calculated and the effect of small axisymmetric imperfections has been considered. The considered imperfections are inequality in the diameter of the supporting disks, small body forces due to an axial gravity, and liquid bridge rotation as a solid body.
doi:10.1063/1.1476780 fatcat:bzmdpgbib5ctreursk6ptc6fuq