Diurnal time-activity budgets and habitat use of Lesser Snow Geese Anser caerulescens in the middle Missouri River valley during winter and spring

Susan, E Klaas And K E N N E T
Diurnal time activity and habitat use o f wintering and spring-migrating Lesser Snow Geese were studied in the m iddle M issouri River valley during 1983 and 1984. Geese spent the majority o f daylight hours sleeping and loafing. During winter and spring migration, geese spent 17.5% and 24.0% o f a 12-h day feeding, respectively. Geese prim arily fe d in corn stubble fields; they also fe d on winter wheat and bromegrass. The availability o f waste corn in the m iddle M issouri River valley
more » ... m ably influences the winter distribution o f Snow Geese. Susan E. Davis, D ep artm en t of A nim al Ecology, Iowa State U niversity, A m es Iow a, 50011. Erwin E. Klaas, U .S. Fish and W ildlife Service, Iowa C ooperative W ildlife R esearch U nit, Iow a State University. Kenneth J. Koehler, D epartm ent of Statistics, Iowa State University.