Computer Simulation of the Ice Sheet in the Shirase Basin, Antarctica (Abstract)

M. Nagao, M. Nakawo, A. Higashi
1984 Annals of Glaciology  
stress that our study was confined to ice-shelf responses ; discharge from ice streams into the ice shelf was held constant throughout. Currently, we are incorporating this response by including a simple analytic treatment of ice streams that will provide first~order estimate of ice-stream discharge. In brief, we believe the effects of ice-stream feedback are to reduce ice-shelf thinning rates and to increase ice velocit i es. Nagao and othe r's : Abs t m ct REFERENCES MacAyeal D R 1984 Tides,
more » ... al D R 1984 Tides, tidally-driven barotrop ic circulati on and the formation of tidal fronts below the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Anna Ls of GLacioLogy 5: 216-217 MacAyeal D R, Thomas RH 1982 Numerical modeling of ice-shelf motion. Anna L8 of GLacioZogy 3: 189-194 Weertman J 1957 Deformation of floating ice shelves.
doi:10.1017/s026030550000389x fatcat:gnabjeyldbar5gwceh4yelybiq