Leukotrienes biosynthesis in coronary artery disease - results of Leukotrienes and Thromboxane In Myocardial Infarction (LTIMI) study

Edyta Stodółkiewicz, Barbara Rewerska, Marcin Rzeszutko, Marek Tomala, Anton Chrustowicz, Krzysztof Żmudka, Marek Sanak, Wojciech Szczeklik
2017 Polish Archives of Internal Medicine  
specific enzymes and proteins, including 5 -LO, 5-LO -activating protein (FLAP), LTC 4 synthase, or LTA 4 hydrolase. 3 The main products of the LT cascade are LTC 4 , LTD 4 , and LTE 4 due to the presence of cysteine, collectively named cysteinyl leukotrienes (CysLTs), whereas LTB 4 is a potent chemoattractant of neutrophils. The final metabolite of CysLTs is LTE 4 , excreted in urine in an unchanged form or N -acetyl -LTE 4 . 1
doi:10.20452/pamw.4140 pmid:29112183 fatcat:ouxi7p5h65g4rhfs4noc6c3qsa