Bharath, Sowmiya, Aravinda Raj
International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology   unpublished
One of Forecasting's primary tasks is periodically developing a series of future scenarios. Economic and demographic forecasts, future population and jobs distributions, and future pedestrian, bike, transit, commercial vehicle and road networks are required for the City and the Region for each time horizon included in the series. India is a country with vast range of urban challenges from significant air pollution and impecunious local governance, to badly planned cities and lack of decent
more » ... ng. India's Smart Cities Challenge, which has now selected 98 of the 100 cities that will receive funding, could go a long way in addressing these issues. The water pollution became the most worried topic all over the world. There are many key instruments that make a city to a "smart" city, the use of Information and communication technologies (ICT) with internet of things (IOT) are good examples of new practices for smarter cities. The major purpose of smart city is to build up cities that provide core infrastructure and give a suitable quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of 'Smart' Solutions. A broad development of infrastructural, institutional, social and economical growth constitutes the major part of sustainable improvement and this can be achieved by integrating the governmental plans to go with the requirements of the urban dwellers, and technology plays a key role in this integration.