A New Species of Leaf-Toed Gecko, GenusPhyllodactylus(Squamata: Gekkota: Phyllodactylidae) from Guerrero, Mexico

Robert W. Murphy, Christopher Blair, Fausto R. Mendez De La Cruz
2009 South American Journal of Herpetology  
A new, miniaturized species of Phyllodactylus gray from guerrero, mexico is described. the species appears to be the smallest American species of leaf-toed gecko. the diploid karyotype consists of a graded series of 36 acrocentric and 2 subtelocentric chromosomes; the telocentric pair is the second largest. the new form is morphologically very similar to P. duellmani, but is electrophoretically quite distinctive having a genetic distance of 0.839. the new population is also meristically quite
more » ... eristically quite similar to allopatric P. bordai, but can be distinguished by its small size at which reproductive maturity is attained and by the number of transverse ventrals.
doi:10.2994/057.004.0103 fatcat:zdhoqeo235flxdat4zhywm2x7i