The second string (phenomenology) revolution

Luis E Ibáñez
2000 Classical and quantum gravity  
In the past three years our views on how the standard model of particle physics could be embedded into string theory have dramatically changed. The heterotic string is no longer the only possibility for such an embedding and other perturbative (or non-perturbative) corners of M-theory, like Type I or Type II strings seem now possible. It has also been realized that the string scale M_s is not necessary close to the Planck scale and could be much smaller, of order the intermediate scale
more » ... or even close to the weak scale. In addition, semi-realistic three generation models have recently been constructed starting with Type IIB compact orientifolds. I briefly discuss some of these developements which represent a revolution in our understanding of string phenomenology.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/17/5/321 fatcat:2sytb5xl2nfc3mm6qfxr6j5ucm