Supersymmetry constraints in holographic gravities

Manuela Kulaxizi, Andrei Parnachev
2010 Physical Review D  
Supersymmetric higher derivative gravities define superconformal field theories via the AdS/CFT correspondence. From the boundary theory viewpoint, supersymmetry implies a relation between the coefficients which determine the three point function of the stress energy tensor which can be tested in the dual gravitational theory. We use this relation to formulate a necessary condition for the supersymmetrization of higher derivative gravitational terms. We then show that terms quadratic in the
more » ... ann tensor do not present obstruction to supersymmetrization, while generic higher order terms do. For technical reasons, we restrict the discussion to seven dimensions where the obstruction to supersymmetrization can be formulated in terms of the coefficients of Weyl anomaly, which can be computed holographically.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.82.066001 fatcat:vcgaqjkz6zajbp27sa725npflu