1900 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
in his "Pocket Formulary of Diseases of Children," offers the following suggestions: Aloin, one-quarter grain, is disguised by ten minims of fluid extract glycyrrhiza? comp. Ammonii bromidum, ammonii carbonas, and chloral hydras, one grain, are disguised by five minums of syr. aurantii. Potassii bromidum, three grains, is disguised by fifteen minims of syr. aurantii. Potassii iodidum, one grain, is disguised by one-half dram aqua mentha? piperita?. Quinina? hydrochloras, one half grain, is
more » ... ised by twenty minims syr. aurantii. Sodii salicylas, three grains, is disguised by five minims of syr. simplex and one dram syr. cinnamomi. Medicolegal. Admissibility of Declarations of Pain.-The Supreme Court of California holds, in Green vs. Pacific Lumber Com¬ pany, that a nurse being asked to state any complaints of pain and suffering heard is not objectionable on the ground either that the witness is not an expert or of the evidence being hear¬ say. It says that involuntary declarations and exclamations of a person's present pain and suffering are admissible as tending in some degree to show his physical condition. Of course, when these declarations only amount to statements of his past condition, they should be rejected. Alcoholic Insanity as Defense to Crime.-In State vs.
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