FY2003 Annual Report: DOE Project on Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag [report]

R C McCallen, K Salari, J Ortega, L J DeChant, C J Roy, J J Payne, B Hassan, W D Pointer, F Browand, M Hammache, T Hsu, J Ross (+8 others)
2003 unpublished
Consortium members in NASA Ames Research Center 12-foot pressure wind tunnel. • Perform over-the-road testing to verify drag savings for the base flap device. • Initiate a program and a new testing apparatus to study wheel/tire splash and spray. of 5-6% (not accounting for energy use for blowing) from Phase I road tests. Future Direction • Conduct Phase II of on-road full-scale HV testing and demonstrations of pneumatic aerodynamic drag-reduction, fuel-economy and safety of operation techniques
more » ... to provide a confirming database allowing application of this technology to operational Heavy Vehicles and SUVs.
doi:10.2172/15013850 fatcat:kjtmktsy5bh4divxgzx27oc46i