Liposome-mediated transfer of macromolecules into flagellated cell envelopes from bacteria

Peter I. Lelkes, Laurence Klein, Yehuda Marikovsky, Michael Eisenbach
1984 Biochemistry  
We have studied the interaction between flagellated cell envelopes from Escherichia coli and liposomes. Oligolamellar liposomes of ca. 0.45-pm diameter, composed of azolectin, phosphatidylserine, and cholesterol at a molar ratio of 7: 1 :2, were prepared by freezing and thawing and subsequent extrusion through polycarbonate filters. These liposomes exhibited high entrapment capacity and low leakiness. Liposome-cell envelope interaction was monitored flow cytometrically in a
more » ... luorescence-activated cell sorter with a fluorescent aqueous space marker and by a filtration assay with radiolabels for the lipid phase and the liposomal aqueous space. Maximal association of liposomes with the envelopes was observed in both assays after ca. 25 min at 30 OC. After such
doi:10.1021/bi00298a026 pmid:6367823 fatcat:iboqhsfpanhdrliwtwezwmglue