Research on the Sewage Desalting Treatment and Anti- Scaling Technology for High Salt Oil Field

Gaoshen Su, Huan Yang, Yue Luo
2017 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
In order to carry out the research on sewage desalting treatment and anti-scaling technology of high salt oil field, a high cost-effective scale inhibitor capable of maintaining higher scale-inhibiting efficiency under high temperature is preferably selected to effectively control scale formation in sewage equipment of high salt oil field with the mechanical compression evaporation and desalination process. Commercially available scale inhibitor on the market is screened to evaluate its
more » ... nce by using the static anti-scaling method of national standard, thus select the cost-effective scale inhibitor. Meanwhile, the influence of heating temperature, heating time and the dosage of scale inhibitor on the effect of selected scale inhibitor is studied by changing the heating temperature, heating time and dosage of scale inhibitor and other conditions to determine the best application condition and parameter of scale inhibitor. Through the research on screening of six commonly used scale inhibitors, it is found that the scale inhibitor SQ-1211 is obviously of better effect under high temperature.
doi:10.3303/cet1762035 doaj:bad2fada531a4c31bb13477f826825c7 fatcat:atny4lodtvgmvepfn4mujhjjoi