2020 International journal of social science and economic research  
For the development of the country's economy, the logistics sector must be at a level that can compete in the international market. This requires being higher than the logistics level of the foreign market. This can be possible by using the latest technologies or by producing new technologies. Especially logistics aiming to respond to the needs of the customers in the fastest way; it has become a strong sector with advanced technological structures and increasing demands of consumers with the
more » ... fect of globalization. As a result, businesses had to follow closely the innovations on the agenda to keep profit margins and customer satisfaction high. In this study, the digital logistics process and digital structures used in the logistics industry are mentioned. The benefits of digitalization are discussed in detail. Information about the future of digital logistics is provided. Logistics technological systems using both internet and electronic commerce applications provide significant cost savings and also enable physical procurement activities to be activated as a system. By activating its commercial activities related to physical supply resources through innovations and improvements in information technology, businesses realize three simple management principles known as speed, flexibility and expectation.
doi:10.46609/ijsser.2020.v05i06.009 fatcat:nw4lly6kfzbwhjgey4blvc2rre