Areas of Research on the Development of the Tourist and Recreational Sphere as an Object of Public Administration
Напрями дослідження розвитку туристично-рекреаційної сфери як об'єкта державного управління

N. Boretskaya, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, G. Krapivina, Priazovsky State Technical University
2021 Economic Herald of the Donbas  
In the article, the problem of determining the directions of research of the development of the tourist and recreational sphere as an object of public administration acquires further theoretical and methodological substantiation. The directions of improving the mechanisms of decision-making by state bodies for the development of the tourist and recreational sphere are formulated on the basis of the introduction of a systematic approach, digitization and modeling. The efforts of state bodies to
more » ... orm the structure of the market in order to study and analyze the impact of public administration and regulation on the realities of the tourist and recreational sphere and the proposals of tourist and recreational products that affect the public interest in them on the part of consumers of tourist services are a separate area of scientific research in tourism. -recreational sphere as an object of public administration and decision-making mechanisms by state bodies for the development of tourist and recreational territories It is shown that the processes of using tourist and recreational resources and diversification of the economy are positively influenced by the intersectoral nature of the tourist and recreational sphere due to the multiplier effect for related sectors of the economy of the territories, directly involved in the tourist services served by consumers. It has been proved that a city characterized by a significant territorial concentration of labor, consumers, related industries and services is very attractive for the activities of enterprises in the tourism and recreation sector in terms of minimizing costs, and it is expedient in determining the role and mechanisms of government influence on the development of the tourism and recreation sector. and the formation of strategic goals for the development of a regime for promoting their development is the study of the tourist and recreational market of the territory. The development of the regional and local tourist and recreational sphere is greatly facilitated by the transformation in the public consciousness of the concept of free time, i.e. changes in the behavior of consumers of tourism services in relation to specific settlements or the region as a whole. The main goal of the qualitative improvement of state management of the development of the tourist and recreational sphere is to increase its openness, spread goodwill towards the population, accelerate management processes, effectively solve problems, increase the mobility of workers in tourist and recreational enterprises and their satisfaction with work.
doi:10.12958/1817-3772-2021-3(65)-147-154 fatcat:hilzx6mf2vbh3jncoek4b33wnm