Yu. D. Ivanov, B. V. Lozka, Е. O. Kozljuk
2016 Sistemnyj Analiz i Prikladnaâ Informatika  
Designed component model of the source of errors in real discrete channels of data conversion, based on the joint use of the channel within dependent generalized errors and channel with correlated errors pack image on the background of independent errors. Organization of burst errors in a channel based on the generalized implementation of the principle of compression of individual sections of the background in dependent error that causes the formation of plots, completely free of errors. The
more » ... e of errors. The presence of such sites in infallible conversion channel does not reflect the actual processes of errors, which leads to the need to share the channel with generalized packet errors and channel errors independent background that provides the background presence of errors in all areas except the packet. Such an approach to errorstream naturally corresponds to the nature of the formation of errors in real data conversion channels. In addition to this, the correct determination of the length of burst errors in the composite model of the source of the error allows maximum use of corrective properties of the codes with the concurrence of the lengths of codewords and error packets, correctable codes.
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