Microwave Mediated Impregnation of Silver Nanoparticles on Silk Fabric for Hygienic Clothing

Rajni Singh
2017 Journal of Bacteriology & Mycology Open Access  
Textile materials and clothing are known to be susceptible to microbial attack, as these provide large surface area and absorb moisture required for microbial growth. Natural fibers have protein (keratin) and cellulose, etc., which provide basic requirements such as moisture, oxygen, nutrients and temperature for bacterial growth and multiplication. This often leads to objectionable odour, dermal infection, product deterioration, allergic responses and other related diseases. This necessitates
more » ... he development of clothing that could provide a desired antimicrobial effect. Nanotechnology is an emerging, highly interdisciplinary field based on the ability to manipulate structural materials on the level of individual atom and molecules. Nanostructures are capable of enhancing physical properties of conventional textiles in areas such as antimicrobial properties, water repellence, soil resistance, antistatic, anti infrared and flame retardant properties, dye ability, colour fastness and strength of textile materials. Studies have been carried out in the present work to fine-tune the silver nanoparticles for special applications. Silver nanoparticles were biosynthesized in laboratory using Bacillus strain. Silk fabric was impregnated with silver nanoparticles using microwave irradiation method. Microwave irradiation is emerging as a rapid and green method of heating for nanoparticle synthesis and impregnation. The antibacterial activity of the impregnated fabrics was determined against 7 different gram +ve and -ve bacterial strains. The results indicated that microwave impregnated silk fabric with silver nanoparticles had very good antibacterial activity (98.3% inhibition). Bactericidal properties of the functionalized fabric do not change after washing. Production of such materials is extremely fast, convenient, and cost-effective.
doi:10.15406/jbmoa.2017.05.00142 fatcat:mfpth7hvdrcvxliof76kfd725m