Feminine Sensibilities in Judith Wright's Poem Woman to Man

M Vanisree, G Charyulu
2015 The English Literature Journal   unpublished
Judith Arundell Wright is a prominent Australian poet, critic, short-story writer, environmentalist and campaigner for Aboriginal land rights. Her works are renowned for a fanatical spotlight on the Australian environment. Her works reflects an affiliation between colonizers, native Australians, mankind and environment which she scrutinizes as the catalyst for graceful poetic conception. Her poem Woman to Man (1949) deals with the merriment of womanhood, contributing the different impending
more » ... erent impending themes like love, conception, pregnancy and child birth. The poem is of four stanzas and each stanza begins with bold and ends individually in a quiet tone. Judith describes the unborn child and how the unborn child toils in the mother's womb. The poet also expresses the woman's fear about the unborn child's birth and this she make a contrast with the intimacy, comfort and understanding with the child in her womb. The poem also accentuates the typical man-woman relationship and their love. The language of the poem is intricate and reveals the poet's relieve with elocution and poetic expression.