Usability Analysis on Security of E-mail Accounts: Differences between Fantasy and Reality

Zara Tariq, Ramsha Arif
2014 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
As this era is known as Electronic era where everything is associated with Internet and its growing number of security threats. In our study, we focused on three different e-mail account securities, comparatively. First, by performing an analysis on online E-mail service providers we concluded that what type of functionalities they are providing to secure their user's information. Second, we categorized users in to three types and on the basis of that we study on user's view on online security,
more » ... confidence and usability on their E-mail service provider. Third, we evaluate the outcome of our study which emphasizes the user's precautions from protecting their accounts from unauthorized access. The goal is to analyze how users perceive the security of their email account based on the domain in which it was created. We will start by examining different free email providers based on their security and perform a comparison of their features. Then will follow a risk assessment of the information security system as perceived by some students and business users. The reality analysis will allow us to examine and possibly classify the email providers based on their security parameters and users account protection levels. A final comparison will then be made between the results of the reality and the perception analysis to put in evidence their differences and similarities. 86 Copyright ⓒ 2014 SERSC interaction, and security of information, user's expectation, online web-based systems, protected communication and user opinion. We express an observation in which user's opinion is examined in means of authentication and security causes. The motive of this research is an effort to implement some easy and reliable techniques on information security systems [11] . By performing a comparison based on efficiency and security, the approach is to begin by analyzing unlike free of charge E-mail service providers. Then will pursue the study analysis on E-mail account's security as observed by some professional and the students of Jinnah University for Women. On the security constraints and users account security levels, the certain analysis will let to observe and probably sort the E-mail providers.
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2014.8.5.09 fatcat:btfxo27sgnhjljz5f2d3kpef44