Surface modification of as-synthesized lamellar mesostructured silica obtained by liquid crystal templating

C. Henrist, C. Vogels, A. Rulmont, R. Cloots
2005 New Journal of Chemistry  
Fax: þ32 4 366 34 13; Tel: þ32 4 366 34 38 b CATm, University of Lie'ge, B6 Sart Tilman, 4000 Lie'ge c SOLVAY S.A., rue de Ransbeek 310, 1120 Brussels, Belgium We report a study of lamellar silica phase silylation, starting from as-synthesized silica, without the usual heat treatment step. Characterizations of the modified silica include X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, electron microscopy and solid state NMR. Special attention is given to the possibility of keeping the lamellar
more » ... along with the elimination of the organic template. P A P E R NJC
doi:10.1039/b419372e fatcat:tgo65ukwqvbi7mopoliptgilwa