Control of Russian Wheat Aphid Using a Systemic Seed Treatment, 1992:

G. D. Johnson, M. E. McLendon, D. M. Wichman
1993 Arthropod Management Tests  
Different rates of the systemic seed treatment, NTN 33893, were evaluated for RWA control in winter wheat. Treated seed was planted in strip plots, measuring 8 ft by 50 ft on 1 Sep at the MSU-Central Agricultural Research Center, Moccasin, MT. Numbers of RWA were recorded on each of 10 plants randomly selected from 3 locations in each treated and untreated plot. Data were analyzed by analysis of variance and treatment means separated using LSD.
doi:10.1093/iat/18.1.296 fatcat:hmbgukm7srgrtdhzbbvblozddm