A Review on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and What is Known about it

Sara Taheri
2020 Taṣvīr-i salāmat  
Pandemic of New Coronavirus 2019 is becoming a health crisis in the world. The various aspects of the virus are still unknown. This study aims to introduce general aspects of the virus. to gather news and background information. Prevalence, control, and prevention aspects of the disease were reviewed and presented. The study showed that the ways of transmitting the Covid 19 virus are through respiratory droplets and direct contact with the virus-containing secretions. The causes of the
more » ... ses of the overwhelming prevalence of this disease can be attributed to its high incubation period and its transmission in the asymptomatic, mild, or pre-emergent periods. The study also found symptoms of the virus in people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and chronic respiratory illnesses, and the risk of the virus increases with age and a definite cure has not been discovered yet. The results showed that the epidemic of the new virus will continue for three months and can be prevented by the methods of prevention and management of the factors influencing its transmission. Suggested ways to treat the disease are also being investigated. Currently, the only way to control Coronavirus 19 is to maintain personal hygiene, boost immunity system of body and avoid staying in crowded places.
doi:10.34172/doh.2020.09 fatcat:qkkcf4er6bhp7isol3yafhvbjy