The Copenhagen School and Securitizations, Macrosecuritizations, and the Formation of a Constellation

Eric Thomson
2014 Potentia: Journal of International Affairs  
1979 marked a time in history when the political and security dynamics of the Middle East and beyond became upended. The 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran created a theological government in Tehran that has since had tumultuous relations with several states; however, none have been as strained as those with the United States and Israel (hereafter referred to as the 'binational alliance') with which Iran has no diplomatic relations and a heavily sanctioned economic relationship. These feelings
more » ... These feelings were fomented by antagonistic acts that have been attributed to, or admittedly caused by, Iranian actors against the binational alliance, and vice versa.
doi:10.18192/potentia.v5i0.4403 fatcat:tbizajyh7fbvzijuuvogkjqfha