A General Framework for Fairness in Multistakeholder Recommendations [article]

Harshal A. Chaudhari, Sangdi Lin, Ondrej Linda
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Contemporary recommender systems act as intermediaries on multi-sided platforms serving high utility recommendations from sellers to buyers. Such systems attempt to balance the objectives of multiple stakeholders including sellers, buyers, and the platform itself. The difficulty in providing recommendations that maximize the utility for a buyer, while simultaneously representing all the sellers on the platform has lead to many interesting research problems.Traditionally, they have been
more » ... d as integer linear programs which compute recommendations for all the buyers together in an offline fashion, by incorporating coverage constraints so that the individual sellers are proportionally represented across all the recommended items. Such approaches can lead to unforeseen biases wherein certain buyers consistently receive low utility recommendations in order to meet the global seller coverage constraints. To remedy this situation, we propose a general formulation that incorporates seller coverage objectives alongside individual buyer objectives in a real-time personalized recommender system. In addition, we leverage highly scalable submodular optimization algorithms to provide recommendations to each buyer with provable theoretical quality bounds. Furthermore, we empirically evaluate the efficacy of our approach using data from an online real-estate marketplace.
arXiv:2009.02423v1 fatcat:bhqby5jb3zhg5ja7byeihsjmwm