Object-oriented landmark recognition for UAV-navigation

E. Michaelsen, K. Jäger, D. Roschkowski, L. Doktorski, M. Arens
2011 Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis  
Computer vision is an ever more important means for the navigation of UAVs. Here we propose a landmark recognition system looking for salient man-made infrastructure. An object-oriented structural system is preferred since it can utilize known properties of these objects such as part-of hierarchies, mutual geometric constraints of parts, generalization etc. The structure, available for use as landmark, will vary strongly with the region the UAV is supposed to navigate in. Clear object-oriented
more » ... oding of the knowledge on the landmarks, their constraints, and their properties is a key to swift adaption. This contribution reports on an example: Adapting a system, designed for a central European country (Germany), for use in a more Eastern region (Turkey).
doi:10.1134/s1054661811020763 fatcat:gdkp66qylrhstaa24lqbphfexa