Gas Turbines waste heat/power recovery in tropical climate zones: Case study. (Dept. M ( Production ) )

A. El-Ghonemy
2020 Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering. Mansoura University  
‫الملخص‬ ) ‫انجىف‬ ‫(يحطح‬ ‫انسؼىديح‬ ‫انؼشتيح‬ ‫تانًًهكح‬ ‫انكائُح‬ ‫انكهشتيح‬ ‫انرىنيذ‬ ‫يحطح‬ ‫ػهً‬ ‫انثحث‬ ‫هزا‬ ‫ذطثيق‬ ‫ذى‬ -‫يٍ‬ ‫ذركىٌ‬ 7 ‫تطاقح‬ ‫غاصيح‬ ‫ذشتيُاخ‬ 52 ‫يُز‬ ‫ذؼًم‬ ‫وانرً‬ ‫انىاحذج‬ ‫نهىحذج‬ ‫واخ‬ ‫ييجا‬ 8991 -‫تاالضاف‬ ‫تطاقح‬ ‫وحذذيٍ‬ ‫انً‬ ‫ح‬ 15 ‫نهىحذج‬ ‫واخ‬ ‫ييجا‬ ‫انضاغظ‬ ‫انً‬ ‫انذاخم‬ ‫انهىاء‬ ‫ذثشيذ‬ ‫تًُظىيح‬ ‫يضودج‬ ‫انىاحذج‬ -‫يُز‬ ‫ذؼًالٌ‬ 5007 ‫فً‬ ‫انغاصيح‬ ‫انرشتيُاخ‬ ‫راخ‬ ‫انرىنيذ‬ ‫يحطاخ‬ ‫ػهً‬ ‫ػًهيح‬ ‫قياساخ‬ ‫اجشاء‬ ‫وخطىاخ‬ ‫كيفيح‬ ‫ػٍ‬ ‫ػًهً‬
more » ... فيح‬ ‫ػٍ‬ ‫ػًهً‬ ‫تياٌ‬ ‫انً‬ ‫انثحث‬ ‫هزا‬ ‫يهذف‬ ‫انرشغثم‬ ‫يىاقغ‬ -‫األدا‬ ‫وذقييى‬ ‫قياط‬ ‫تغشض‬ ‫تانرصًيى‬ ‫ويقاسَره‬ ‫نها‬ ‫ء‬ ‫انكهشتيح‬ ‫انقذسج‬ ‫فً‬ ‫يًثهح‬ ‫انغاصيح‬ ‫انرشتيُاخ‬ ‫نًحطاخ‬ ‫األداء‬ ‫قيى‬ ‫ػهً‬ ‫انُرائح‬ ‫اشرًهد‬ ‫نقذ‬ -‫تانكيهى‬ ‫انًضافح‬ ‫انحشاسج‬ ‫ويؼذل‬ ‫نهًحطح‬ ‫انًخرهفح‬ ‫األحًال‬ ‫ػُذ‬ ‫ساػح‬ ‫كيهىواخ‬ ‫نكم‬ ‫جىل‬ . ‫وا‬ ‫انرصًيًيح‬ ‫تُظيشاذها‬ ‫انفؼهيح‬ ‫األداء‬ ‫تياَاخ‬ ‫يقاسَح‬ ‫ذى‬ ‫أيضا‬ ‫نرً‬ ‫انرصًيى‬ ‫ػٍ‬ ‫انجى‬ ‫حشاسج‬ ‫اسذفاع‬ ‫تسثة‬ ‫تيُهًا‬ ‫يهحىظا‬ ‫ذثاػذا‬ ‫أوضحد‬ . ‫ػُذ‬ ‫انًحطح‬ ‫ذشغيم‬ ‫تأفضهيح‬ ‫انذساسح‬ ‫أوصد‬ ‫أيضا‬ ‫يٍ‬ ‫قشيثح‬ ‫يشذفؼح‬ ‫أحًال‬ 800 ‫رنك‬ ‫أيكٍ‬ ‫كهًا‬ ‫اقرصاديح‬ ‫ألسثاب‬ % -‫انرثشيذ‬ ‫يُظىيح‬ ‫اضافح‬ ‫تضشوسج‬ ‫انذساسح‬ ‫أوصد‬ ‫أخيشا‬ ‫انرشتي‬ ‫ػادو‬ ‫تاسرخذاو‬ ‫انجىي‬ ‫نههىاء‬ ‫انً‬ ‫انؼادو‬ ‫حشاسج‬ ‫اسرشجاع‬ ‫وكزنك‬ ‫انقذسج‬ ‫فقذ‬ ‫نرالشً‬ ‫ورنك‬ ‫ُح‬ -‫انرثاػذ‬ ‫ذالشً‬ ‫يًكٍ‬ ‫ػُذئز‬ ‫انحاسج‬ ‫انًُاطق‬ ‫فً‬ ‫انرصًيًً‬ ‫واألداء‬ ‫انغاصيح‬ ‫نهرشتيُاخ‬ ‫انفؼهً‬ ‫األداء‬ ‫تيٍ‬ ‫انًهحىظ‬ . Abstract The present study is applied on the gas turbines power plant that is currently under operation in northern kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) since 1998. The plant consists of 7 gas turbine of 25MW each without inlet air cooling. More 2 gas turbine of 82MW each with inlet air cooling were added in Dec 2007. In this area, during summer season, the ambient temperature may reach 50 °C, or higher in July and August. The objective is to present field results of this gas turbines power plant operation in order to measure and evaluate the performance. The results showed that, operating the plant at higher loads near to 100% is recommended for economic considerations, heat /power recovery by cooling the inlet air is advised, to overcome the problem of electricity black-out. Finally the results showed that disagreement between design and measured performance values is mainly due to higher ambient temperatures.
doi:10.21608/bfemu.2020.102396 fatcat:puw4wbr74ve6pf67uvnwwjsvoy