$$ T\overline{T} $$ and $$ J\overline{T} $$ deformations in quantum mechanics

Soumangsu Chakraborty, Amiya Mishra
2020 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In this paper, we continue the study of $$ T\overline{T} $$ T T ¯ deformation in d = 1 quantum mechanical systems and propose possible analogues of $$ J\overline{T} $$ J T ¯ deformation and deformation by a general linear combination of $$ T\overline{T} $$ T T ¯ and $$ J\overline{T} $$ J T ¯ in quantum mechanics. We construct flow equations for the partition functions of the deformed theory, the solutions to which yields the deformed partition functions as integral of the undeformed partition
more » ... nction weighted by some kernels. The kernel formula turns out to be very useful in studying the deformed two-point functions and analyzing the thermodynamics of the deformed theory. Finally, we show that a non-perturbative UV completion of the deformed theory is given by minimally coupling the undeformed theory to worldline gravity and U(1) gauge theory.
doi:10.1007/jhep11(2020)099 fatcat:yho7rxw75rgmjg5ls7e673nfim