Pharmacological effects and behavioral interventions on memory consolidation and reconsolidation

C.M. Baratti, M.M. Boccia, M.G. Blake
2009 Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research  
In this article, we will review some behavioral, pharmacological and neurochemical studies from our laboratory on mice, which might contribute to our understanding of the complex processes of memory consolidation and reconsolidation. We discuss the post-training (memory consolidation) and post-reactivation (memory reconsolidation) effects of icv infusions of hemicholinium, a central inhibitor of acetylcholine synthesis, of intraperitoneal administration of L-NAME, a non-specific inhibitor of
more » ... fic inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase, of intrahippocampal injections of an inhibitor of the transcription factor NF-κB, and the exposure of mice to a new learning situation on retention performance of an inhibitory avoidance response. All treatments impair long-term memory consolidation and retrieval-induced memory processes different from extinction, probably in accordance with the "reconsolidation hypothesis". Research supported by grants B028 SECyT-UBA to C.M. Baratti, B823 SECyT-UBA and PICT 38299 ANPCyT to M.M. Boccia. C.M. Baratti and M.M. Boccia are members of CONICET-Argentina.
doi:10.1590/s0100-879x2009000200001 pmid:19274341 fatcat:y5thp4hijrdw3lm5ajr6idswna