Customer Satisfaction Modeling in Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Kish Island in Iran

Pardis Mohajerani, Alireza Miremadi
2012 International Journal of Marketing Studies  
Purpose-Hotel Industry is one of the most substantial factors for Tourism Industry. It could provide the necessary substructures for Tourism. Therefore the growth in Tourism industry depends on growth in Hotel industry. Hotel industry had a major growth in recent years in Iran; therefore the purpose of this paper is to explore the customer satisfaction in hotel industry. This paper aims to identify the relation between customer satisfactions as dependent variable with other independent
more » ... ndependent variables such image, customer expectation, service quality, perceived value, locality, and complaining behavior. The second goal of this study was to propose a customer satisfaction model for hotel industry in Kish Island (IRAN). Therefore, the findings of this study will contribute to both hotel management and tourism industry improvement in Iran. Design/Methodology/approach-A proportional simple random sampling of Iranian visitor to Kish Island were drawn. In this study the researcher had used two different kinds of samples. The first sample was customers of three different hotels of 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars which are immeasurable and unlimited. The total number of hotels with the rating of 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars were 22. Findings- The correlation of image, customer expectation, service quality, perceived value, and customer loyalty are significant enough to show the correlation with customer satisfaction in hotel industry in Iran, furthermore the correlation of complaining behavior and customer was weak and negative, complaint behavior and customer satisfaction is negatively related, which means the lower complaint behavior was, the higher customer satisfaction obtained. Originality/Value-From a theoretical point of view the results of this study illuminate the relationship between customer satisfaction with variety of factors in Iranian hotel industry. From practical point of view, it explains why certain customer has more trust, experience, loyalty in particular hotels. It is hypothesized and demonstrated empirically that customer satisfaction.
doi:10.5539/ijms.v4n3p134 fatcat:33gqe7y32vbzbbwhsatrzkwdca