The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, March 24, 1910] [article]

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MOSfVELT WELCOMED UN AINaEINT CAIKO THKEE DOVS inSATE A DEVOLVED HOT ; CMSSO. *^yp*> o*y 0* Uie prewttt gMui%Uiuu ' b«B Boo«velt m Cairo, the BooMveit wee ree^red .'onMily^ by CT «d new clvUiaati. iw ol the Kg-Major U Ofatadc. the Itrlttth egent K CO.^ to t^u^. [ ^ th* dletmg»i-h^ A^ican a ^ BegteaW Wti«at3. the Wider. that la cordia.-ty •»<»*«-o»t tk* letter, oiriiis to Mi^ioai-pMMd that ncelved by ^ to p«r«meUy meet other fowigner wltha the mem-the clty^ gomt. JECOND ARREST FOR IDIJJOINAIRE'S
more » ... MURDER f the boys cried out "here WAVEOEOHME HN WiUMNfiTOII \ Ohkago. n»" March 24.-Ttiree Wg oae of----------boy. from Cle^efcmd. Ohio, bouocl for cdt ^t out « I U tak^ ^t^ the wet to b. broncho bu-tere. ,hot ybu.-' He Jerked ew«y from the eiid created a emaU el»-Hceman and «« " ad'riot ia the nelghbortiood of 8«»r-a«t. Moriarity gm:. chaee enty-fUth treet and Doboon atreet, ^ tvneA and fired four Uoiee. ss s SLutrr In their belte, end that they were ^ ^ entered *lhe chaee. Wilmington, Dd.. March 24.-Thr«e ^y lot^Tdeath. aemiulte that W SriS. .aeult in three more death., a hall o»^ who wae eUwca twyte. dozen pereone ellghUy wounded, and tKA BuickiM. comorire this cHy ■ re* h dime novels and amok-caught and taken to below iU arrival i culminated I > bea. the bad held iiuN mvHts m acftHNf mif BeUMae body hae not yet'been eU tal. Hie death is erqrecMn "'"-r-__ , _ there Add e<^ the play ,|t. for tbh p fgXMOBTON. Mar. 24.-MUtia pay his taxes on the day he wm ^ a. years old. wee .rrmted k«ed. On hi. retmn to Bhdeton aftoceeBM, Indi, today, charged UST MOIT he was met at the etaU.m by Hobbe! end the two walked along the railgathe murder of John C. Lemidl-The wrt day Inomlller gjte awalthy blind man. on Feb. 1« with a buliet bole in Ida A An Indictment was retarned head. At his side were two empty ^ Bdbhe by ths Grand Jwry Hobbs ^ September, but, until today, grid not be found. ovMenee agalnrt 'him was cdthmy lbs sosterious murder of Leoirdl-ctrcumsUntlal, he was released. Hm , Ind. Leo-arrest today Is-sald to have reacted •Mrs. Daeo's Defence" as preeerted last night by the XWen Pleyms must rank as one of the beet per formances they have yet given. Ihrare no star role hi flw piece and Ihe arreeted. but asdhe.caste la a smaB one. This fhitft etvery 'charnctm hi the aevelopmejft ot Ta^ r^e wsw who was reputol to be worth from the discovery of additional evl-1100,000 had hem to Trtomdon ba deuce. MT lEM IMN6S OUffEURTI JUSTICE ■PIT aOBK. Mar. kA.-Threagh sdMicin mi ilVE^TIKVS IIW11î r.old boy. John O H » only vary from hie home to baa word .een received --------the sidtne to DUlon, 8. C.. ea The ^ « ^tion _<l.tbe^^t sfr words are neceea, ______ £rr^i^-^'||«Rt tRURTWINS At tambJy,----------------m more formidable role than he ue-ttaPy gets, and the yoongotor of the company, pertmpe did better than he has ever done be^. Mr. Don-lOd Paterson was especially good as Mr. Buleon Porter, the long-sulferli* .. .
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