Absolute Branching Fraction Measurements of ExclusiveD0Semileptonic Decays

T. E. Coan, Y. S. Gao, F. Liu, M. Artuso, C. Boulahouache, S. Blusk, J. Butt, E. Dambasuren, O. Dorjkhaidav, J. Li, N. Menaa, R. Mountain (+124 others)
2005 Physical Review Letters  
With the first data sample collected by the CLEO-c detector at the psi(3770) resonance we have studied four exclusive semileptonic decays of the D0 meson. Our results include the first observation and absolute branching fraction measurement for D0 --> rho- e+ nu_e and improved measurements of the absolute branching fractions for D0 decays to K- e+ nu_e, pi- e+ nu_e, and K*- e+ nu_e.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.95.181802 pmid:16383893 fatcat:he5qvqzhm5bftbuufm3cbpphwe