Decoupling and de Sitter vacua in approximate no-scale supergravities

M. C. David Marsh, Bert Vercnocke, Timm Wrase
2015 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study ${\cal N}=1$ supergravity with $N>1$ chiral superfields in which one of the fields has a K\"ahler potential of exact no-scale type. Such systems admit de Sitter (dS) solutions in which supersymmetry is predominantly broken by the no-scale field, with only a small contribution to the breaking coming from the other fields. Metastable dS vacua of this type were recently shown to be achievable by the finetuning of an $N\times N$ sub-matrix of the Hessian matrix at the critical point. We
more » ... itical point. We show that perturbatively small deformations of the no-scale Minkowski vacuum into dS are only possible when the spectrum of the no-scale vacuum, besides the no-scale field, contain an additional massless mode. The no-scale structure allows for a decoupling of $N-2$ fields, and metastability can be achieved by the tuning of ${\cal O}(N^0)$ parameters. We illustrate this scenario in several examples, and derive a geometric condition for its realisation in type IIB string theory. Supergravities in which the complex structure moduli space is a symmetric space, such as the string theory inspired STU-models, are non-generic and realise a modified version of the scenario. For the STU-model with a single non-perturbative correction we present an explicit analytic family of dS solutions that includes examples with quantised fluxes satisfying the O3-plane tadpole condition.
doi:10.1007/jhep05(2015)081 fatcat:vt657bt5xreerj27oafowcovie