Student selection factors of admission and academic performance in one medical school

Keunmi Lee, Taeyoon Hwang, So-young Park, Hyoungchul Choi, Wanseok Seo, Philhyun Song
2017 Yeungnam university journal of medicine  
This study was conducted to examine the academic achievements of first year medical students in one medical school based on their characteristics and student selection factors of admission. Methods: The admission scores of student selection factors (Medical Education Eligibility Test [MEET], grade point average [GPA], English test score and interview) and demographic information were obtained from 61 students who had interviewed (multiple mini interview [MMI]) for admission (38 graduate medical
more » ... 38 graduate medical school students in 2014, 23 medical college-transfer students in 2015). T-tests and ANOVA were used to examine the differences in academic achievement according to the student characteristics. Correlations between admission criteria scores and academic achievements were examined. Results: MEET score was higher among graduate medical students than medical college transfer students among student selection factors for admission. There were no significant differences in academic achievement of first grade medical school between age, gender, region of high school, years after graduation and school system. The lowest interview score group showed significantly lower achievement in problem-based learning (PBL) (p=0.034). Undergraduate GPA score was positively correlated with first grade total score (r=0.446, p=0.001) among admission scores of student selection factors. Conclusion: Students with higher GPA scores tend to do better academically in their first year of medical school. In case of interview, academic achievement did not lead to differences except for PBL.
doi:10.12701/yujm.2017.34.1.62 fatcat:4zxszkbukbg63f22oostrc22gq