A Foreign Body in the Nasal Cavity; A Case Report

Yoshio HATAKEYAMA, Toshihiro YAMAMOTO, Yoshiyuki KITAOKU
2002 Practica Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica  
Adult patients with an undiagnosed foreign body existing in the nasal cavity for a long period of time are rare. The patient was a 63-year-old female who had undergone an operation for sinus empyema at the age of 17 and who visited our outpatient clinic complaining of nasal bleeding and discharge and other indefinite symptoms. We treated her for about 8 years without any findings of a foreign body in her nasal cavity due to the absence of any remarkable signs on CT and fiberscope examinations.
more » ... inally, a foreign body covered with granulation tissue was found when an endoscopic operation to remove nasal polyps and granulation tissue was performed. The foreign body was a plastic stick that was partially covered with calcifications.
doi:10.5631/jibirin.95.345 fatcat:7q2bvgnd3becrdyadaohwpxaxa