Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements of Absorbed Doses of Intensive Photon and Electron Radiation in Radiation Technologies

V. V. Generalova, A. A. Gromov, O. I. Kovalenko
2015 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics  
Ensuring reliability and traceability of the unit of absorbed dose of intense photon and electron radiation, used in radiation technologies in industry, is based on the creation of a system of sample measures and methods of transmission with minimal loss of dimensional accuracy of the unit of absorbed dose from the sample tools to working dosimeters and is a necessary basis of yield growth, of increase of labour productivity and the introduction of innovative products. The measuring
more » ... asuring capabilities of the State primary special standard of power unit of absorbed dose of intensity photon, electron and beta radiation for radiation technologies and of the standards of the absorbed dose of photon and electron radiation, used for radiation monitoring of radiation processes. Keywords Radiation Technology, Absorbed Dose, Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements, Certified Reference Material Radiation technologies are world widely used (are widely used in international practice) in various branches of industry and science. Among the problems (aims) of radiation technologies, which are solved using photon and electron radiation of high-intensity, are [1] [2]: 1. Sterilization of medical items and processing components for pharmaceuticals in medical and pharmaceutical industries. 2. Change in characteristics of the polymers in the chemical industry. 3. Processing agricultural and food products to extend shelf life in agriculture and the food industry. 4. Valuation of the radio resistance of materials in the electronics industry. 5. Cold radiowave cracking of oil in the petrochemical industry. 6. Processing heat-shrinkage tubings in construction.
doi:10.4236/jamp.2015.38115 fatcat:qzjwtdoj6fhzdnwequg5mdj45y