Surfactant treated drop-coated polyethylene adipate \ carbon black nanocomposite sensor for alcohol vapour detection

K. Arshak, E.G. Moore, C. Cunniffe
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, 2006.  
This paper describes the effect of hypermer PS3 surfactant on the response of PEA \ CB sensors to 20000 ppm of propanol. The surfactant was varied from 10-50 mg and its effect on the response and properties of the sensor material were examined. It was found that increasing the amount of surfactant in the sensors significantly improved batch-to-batch reproducibility in addition to the sensitivity of each device. This is due to a more homogenous dispersion of the carbon black (CB) filler
more » ... CB) filler particles achieved by the addition of surfactant. It is concluded that this approach can be used to optimize the sensitivity and reproducibility of conducting polymer composite (CPC) sensor devices.
doi:10.1109/sas.2006.1634259 fatcat:n7ahq23mgbcnngxmslgooxqg4i