Effect of Near-Ambient Temperature Changes on the Galvanic Corrosion of an AA2024-T3 and Mild Steel Couple

Uyime Donatus, George E. Thompson, Xiaorong Zhou
2014 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
The galvanic corrosion behavior of an AA2024-T3 alloy and mild steel couple has been studied with attention paid to the effect of solution temperature. AA2024-T3 is anodic to mild steel at room temperature, but polarity reversal of the couple starts (from a temperature as low as 35 • C upwards) when the couple is introduced into the solution above ambient temperature. Importantly, AA2024-T3 is clearly cathodic to mild steel at 60 • C, although very low galvanic current values are monitored with time.
doi:10.1149/2.0551501jes fatcat:3qm545ifpze75ncgakxlnnwzma