Mixed-valent Complexes of Rhodium with Acetylinic Ligands: Their Electrochemical Studies

Festus Agbo S. Fabiyi, Carlos Stempler Gonzalez, Gregory O. Adewuyi, Samuel Oluwole Aremu
2011 International Journal of Chemistry  
Two acetylinic mixed-valent rhodium(II, III) complexes: [cis-{Rh 2 (II,III)Cl(bpy) 2 (µ-CC-)}] 2 , (A) and cis-[Rh(II,III)Cl(bpy) 2 ]-CC-SiMe 3 , (B) (where bpy = bipyridine) have been prepared. (A) was accomplished through two pathways. The two complexes were characterized by 1 H, 13 C NMR, elemental, magnetic, electrochemical analyses and mass spectrophotometry. Cyclic voltametric analyses of the products from 0.00 -1.20 V display two one-electron quasi-reversible oxidation peaks which were
more » ... on peaks which were attributed to the Rh(II), Rh(III) couple. The redox processes were separated by 528 mV, indicating a significant electronic communication between the two metallic centres. The yields of (A) and (B) were found to be 37 and 32 % respectively.
doi:10.5539/ijc.v3n3p62 fatcat:yjp5d54y2nhiblwnfppf6f4scu