Spin flipping a stored polarized proton beam at the IUCF cooler ring

R. A. Phelps
1995 AIP Conference Proceedings  
We recently studied the spin flip of a vertically polarized 139 MeV proton beam stored in the IUCF Cooler Ring . We used an rf solenoid to induce a depolarizing resonance in the ring; we flipped the spin by varying the solenoid field's frequency through this resonance. We found a polarization loss after multiple spin flips less than 0.1% per flip; we also found that this loss increased for very slow frequency changes. This spin flip could reduce systematic errors in stored polarized beam
more » ... ents by allowing frequent beam polarization reversals during the experiment.
doi:10.1063/1.48557 fatcat:e4dtvv24r5cgxldqtdta73dcwi