Improved Converter Design for Ac-Dc Harmonic Immunity in VSC HVDC Transmission

Smriti Tapadar, Om Prakash Verma, Chitrakant Singh, Rajput Ritee Raipur, Ritee Raipur
This paper provided a most effective technique to scale back the harmonics contents within the HVDC transmission by up the electrical converter topology through Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique. management strategies supported selective harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation (SHE-PWM) techniques provide the bottom attainable range of change transitions. This feature additionally ends up in the bottom attainable level of device change losses. For this reason, they're terribly
more » ... 're terribly engaging techniques for the voltage-source-converter-(VSC) primarily based high-voltage dc (HVDC) power transmission systems. The paper discusses optimized modulation patterns which supply controlled harmonic immunity between the ac and dc facet. The application focuses on the traditional two-level convertor once its dc-link voltage contains a combination of low-frequency harmonic parts. Simulation and experimental results area unit conferred to verify the validity of the planned change patterns. Finally a 5 level Multi 8level convertor topology is applied for this application.