Research on a Carbon Emission Calculation Model and Method for an Underground Fully Mechanized Mining Process

Benzheng Li, Yongkui Shi, Jian Hao, Chengyun Ma, Chuming Pang, Huidi Yang
2022 Energies  
With the ratification of the Paris Agreement at the Paris Climate Conference, reducing carbon emissions has become a global interest. Coal is one of the main industries causing carbon emissions; thus, quantifying carbon emissions from coal mining is an important step in reducing these emissions. Firstly, based on the life cycle idea, in this paper, we define the Carbon Emission Boundary of the fully mechanized coal mining method. Secondly, the carbon emission accounting model (B-R model) of
more » ... y mechanized coal mining is established, which includes the total amount of carbon emissions and the carbon emissions of each mining link during the mining process. The Fifth-II mining area of the Jinda Coal Mine in Tengzhou City is taken as an example. We collect the relevant data on carbon emissions in the mining process of the Jinda Coal Mine, and the B-R model is used to obtain the carbon emissions in the mining process of this mining area. Finally, the feasibility of the B-R model is further verified according to the international authoritative carbon emission IPCC calculation method and the China Coal Production Enterprises Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting Methodology and Reporting Guide. The results show that the B-R model in this paper is feasible and that the greatest amount of carbon emissions arises from the coal breaking link and coal transportation, which provides a basis for other coal mines to calculate carbon emissions. The B-R model lays a foundation for coal mines to formulate a carbon emission reduction system.
doi:10.3390/en15082871 fatcat:467yjn4uvfcv7j2nlsk2gc2f3i