Microlensing, flattening, Ω_B and h: from assumptions, via data to tentative conclusions [article]

Vesna Milosevic-Zdjelar, Srdjan Samurovic, Milan M. Cirkovic
1999 arXiv   pre-print
Microlensing observations can be used for determining the shape of the Milky Way's halo. It can be shown that the data are best described with moderately flattened halo, 0.5 < q < 0.6. We discuss, by taking into account this result, the constraints on the baryonic mass-density parameter, Ω_B, and their implications on the value of the Hubble constant H_0, i.e. h. Our conclusion is that current data, in order to satisfy BBNS and Galaxy dynamics constraints, strongly suggest that h should take
more » ... ues within the lower part of the permissible range, h∼ 0.5.
arXiv:astro-ph/9909240v1 fatcat:easdq67ysbfs3fzyppowx7a4ba