Nucleon parton distributions at low normalization point in the large Nc limit

D. Diakonov, V. Petrov, P. Pobylitsa, M. Polyakov, C. Weiss
1996 Nuclear Physics B  
At large N_c the nucleon can be viewed as a soliton of the effective chiral lagrangian. This picture of nucleons allows a consistent nonperturbative calculation of the leading-twist parton distributions at a low normalization point. We derive general formulae for the polarized and unpolarized distributions (singlet and non-singlet) in the chiral quark-soliton model. The consistency of our approach is demonstrated by checking the baryon number, isospin and total momentum sum rules, as well as
more » ... Bjorken sum rule. We present numerical estimates of the quark and antiquark distributions and find reasonable agreement with parametrizations of the data at a low normalization point. In particular, we obtain a sizeable fraction of antiquarks, in agreement with the phenomenological analysis.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(96)00486-5 fatcat:7vc3nvmi3vasxll262lnrw5q2a