Human-Ocular-Physiological- Characteristics-Based Adaptive Console Design

Sheng Su, Sen Gu, Yiqian Zhao, Zhengyu Chen, Hanyu Wang, Wen Yang
2020 IEEE Access  
A console is an important platform for controlling indoor operations and displaying information. It is an important device for human-computer interactions. Whether an operator is comfortable using a console is an important issue of concern in industry. However, previous works have focused only on the joint angle and muscle fatigue of the console user, with few works focusing on the eye comfort of users. In this paper, we propose a console design method based on the physical comfort of the human
more » ... eye to allow consoles to satisfy the needs of a user regarding the joint angle and muscle comfort and to reduce the physiological fatigue of a user's eyes, thereby improving the operator's cognitive efficiency and accuracy. In addition, a software and hardware collaboration platform is used to effectively improve the stability and accuracy of the proposed method. We also propose a method for evaluating the human eye comfort of console users based on a dual-channel objective visual quality analysis system. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to propose an evaluation metric for determining the comfort of the human eye afforded by a console, and experiments in the real world verify the effectiveness of this metric. Through this evaluation method, a console designed by using the console optimization method proposed herein is compared with a console designed according to the previous console design method. The results prove that our proposed method can effectively improve human eye comfort when using a console. INDEX TERMS Console, optimal design, comfort evaluation, visual quality evaluation. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. For more information, see VOLUME 8, 2020
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3002543 fatcat:lxhsnqmdtzfqzamowgfdonre7e