Hyena Bite Injury to the Neck Leading to Laryngotracheal Separation

Robert J. Macielak, Katerina Green, Seid Temam, Joshua P. Wiedermann
Animal-induced trauma can lead to severe injury and death, especially in medically isolated settings. Few reports of hyena attacks on humans have been reported in the literature. The goal of this report is to describe such an attack and the heroic efforts required to preserve life and function in a resource-limited environment. We present a case of a 55-year-old female who was attacked by a hyena in a rural region of Ethiopia. Despite delays in medical care, she was able to survive this attack
more » ... nd was successfully discharged after prolonged treatment efforts. Animal-induced trauma is a potential source of substantial and disfiguring injury – especially in resource-limited environments. Early transfer to tertiary care centers and creative solutions are needed to optimize outcomes in such environments.
doi:10.47496/sl.ajscr.2022.01.01 fatcat:qhsqbt2ytjgndmmjcym5i6a7vu