Improved petrophysical model for the productive layers of the Vuktyl field
Усовершенствование петрофизической модели продуктивных отложений Вуктыльского месторождения

N.A. Skibitskaya, I.O. Burkhanova, V.A. Kuzmin, M.N. Bolshakov, O.O. Marutyan, N.I. Samokhvalov
2020 Actual Problems of Oil and Gas  
The Vuktyl oil and gas condensate field of the Timan-Pechora province was discovered in 1964. The field is currently in the final stages of development, its hydrocarbon reserves are nearly exhausted. In order to expand the resource base of the field, research was undertaken to estimate the matrix oil reserves in the gas-saturated part of the Vuktyl oil and gas condensate field. At the first stage, the petrophysical model of productive deposits of the studied field was improved using new data.
doi:10.29222/ipng.2078-5712.2020-29.art2 fatcat:zi6twrjisbah3gy46bcdq64oca