Vitamin C from Seaweed: A Review Assessing SeaWeed as Contributor to Daily Intake

Cecilie Wirenfeldt Nielsen, Turid Rustad, Susan Løvstad Holdt
2021 Foods  
Seaweeds are indiscriminately said to contain significant amounts of vitamin C, but seaweeds are a diverse group, which may limit the ability to generalize. Several studies have been performed on vitamin C in seaweed, and this review covers these findings, and concludes on how much vitamin C is found in seaweeds. A systematic review of vitamin C in 92 seaweed species was conducted followed by analyzing the 132 data entries. The average vitamin C content was 0.773 mg g−1 seaweed in dry weight
more » ... ed in dry weight with a 90th percentile of 2.06 mg g−1 dry weight. The vitamin C content was evaluated based on taxonomical categories of green, brown and red seaweeds (Chlorophyta (phylum), Phaeophyceae (class), and Rhodophyta (phylum)), and no significant differences were found between them. The vitamin C content was compared to other food sources, and this showed that seaweeds can contribute to the daily vitamin C intake, but are not a rich source. Moreover, seasonal variations, analytical methods, and processing impacts were also evaluated.
doi:10.3390/foods10010198 pmid:33478115 fatcat:7fw3h3x2wngwnakgby2uoxyzum