Contextualizing translation of 'nation'

Mutsuko TSUBOI
2015 Interpreting and Translation Studies: The Journal of the Japan Association for Interpreting and Translation Studies  
This paper aims to explore the dynamics of translation practices in the Meiji era in the context of historical and sociocultural interactions. It focuses on "Kokumin" and "Minzoku," both of which were coined as translations of the highly modern concept of "nation" at that time. As is well known, there is no single term in Japanese that can represent the Western notion of "nation," and this has caused significant confusion in academic fields, as well as in translation practices till this day.
more » ... author tries to clarify why such problems appeared, and to relate the process of development of the modern ideologies to creation of "Kokumin" and "Minzoku." Finally, this study links the translation of "nation" with the modernization of Japan.
doi:10.50837/its.1509 fatcat:rogkr7dcxjc2zp4nbccxzoz2kq