Identification of Gaps and Requirements in Smart Supply Chain Management

Richa Loohach, S.A. Akbar
<span title="2021-04-19">2021</span> <i title="Foundation of Computer Science"> <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="" style="color: black;">International Journal of Computer Applications</a> </i> &nbsp;
Perishable food industry involves very high rate of wastage due to poor management of food products throughout the supply chain. Also cold chain storage is also not maintained properly which leads to spoilage of the food products. To minimize the food wastage, use of new technologies like RFID we can now manage each consignment of food items using web ontologies. Some ontologies are already developed which are able to tackle some problems of the supply chain like tracking and tracing of food
more &raquo; ... ducts in food supply chain but other concerns like automated demand forecast and decision making, handling logistics, monitoring cold storage etc. Also need the attention while developing ontologies for perishable food supply chain.
<span class="external-identifiers"> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener noreferrer" href="">doi:10.5120/ijca2021921207</a> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="">fatcat:o3fj5pf5snbjrl6drdvftie3im</a> </span>
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